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Terms Of Service

  • Service is provided "as is". Although we will make every effort to provide this service with no interruptions, there may be unexpected downtimes, or interruptions of service. These are out of our control, and we are not responsible for any loss of business or ANY other damages you may suffer due to these downtimes. 
  • The user agrees to indemnify and hold harmless eFreeGuestbooks from ANY claim or demand, including but not limited to attorneys' fees, made by any party due to or arising from your Guestbook, your violation of our terms or service, or your violation of the rights of another person.
Content Restrictions:
  • Offensive Material (As decided by
  • Excessive Profanity
  • Adult Content (Adult content is considered to be anything that contains nudity, or pornography of any kind.)
  • Racism
  • Hatred
  • Harassment
  • MLM (Multi Level Marketing)
  • links to MP3's
  • Revenue Generating Links, Affiliate Program Links, Paid Advertisement Banners
  • Sites that promote, or use methods of mass e-mailing or SPAMMING.
  • Discussion of "Hacking", hacking material, "Cracking", exploits, Warez, illegal mp3’s or promote any illegal activity
Removal of your account:
  • Violation of any guideline as spelled out in our Terms Of Service.
  • Failure to prevent, or remove material defined in "Content Restrictions"
  • Inactivity for a period of more than 180 days. Inactivity is defined as a period when no visitors visit your Guestbook.
  • Removal or modification of the code used to display either the copyright information, advertising content or the removal of any eFreeGuestbooks code from our site with out permission.
  • Attempting to defeat our advertising system in any way including the use or promotion of ad-blocking software.
  • Any reason as determined by eFreeGuestbooks staff, to be in the best interest of
  • eFreeGuestbooks has the right to modify this agreement at any time. Failure to remove your account after seven 7 days, constitutes acceptance of the new Terms Of Service.