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Frequently Asked Questions.


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Q. What is a Guestbook, what is it for?
A. A Guest book allows the visitors to your site to leave a little note letting you know they visited your site

Q. Do I need to know anything about programming to use your service?
A. No, we do all the hard technical work so you can spend more time on your website

Q. Do I have to use the code you provide or can I make my own links to my Guestbook?
A. You do not need to use the code we provide, feel free to make links that will best fit the look of your site.

Q. After I signup how long will it take to set-up my account?
A. We setup your account within seconds of your completing the signup form so you can start enjoying our service.

Q. How much does the Guestbook service cost?
A. Our basic "Advertiser Supported" service is free. You may opt to have the advertisements removed from your Guestbook for $12.95 USD per year.

Q. Can I customize the look of my guestbook?
A. Yes!! You can change the Background color, Text color, Link color, Header text color, and Title Text Color. You can also specify a background image and we allow you to customize the header area of your guestbook with text and images