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eFreeguestbooks Features

We think we offer one of the best free guestbooks on the planet. Our long list of features along with our stellar support make us your best choice in Guestbook Hosting. Try us out, JOIN NOW !!

Fully customizable guestbooks for each user.
With a customizable header area you have the ability to use a logo image from your web site and text or links back to your site. You can also customize the text and link colors as well as adding your background image so your guests will never know they left your site!

Blazing fast database driven backend.
Your precious data is stored in a blazingly fast and secure database. This means your Guestbook entries will be safe, secure and served up fast.

Private messaging capability.
Sometimes the entries are for your eyes only!! Each entry can be a private entry, only available to you using a password protection system.

Site recommendation.
This allows your guests to tell you what they really think of your web site by giving it a 1 - 10 rating.

You may choose words to not allow in your guestbook.
You get to chose the words that you feel will offend your guests. If someone tries to use a bad word that is on your list, the word is replaced with the word of your choice.

10 entries per page.
When your book gets large your guests won't have to wait forever for your guestbook page to load.

HTML and/or image filtering selectable by each member.
Allows you to decide what level of HTML that may be used on your guestbook. You can customize the level for your book at any time using your administration area. The levels available are either No HTML, Images only or full HTML capabilities.

You may ban guestbook visitors by IP or Email.
If someone is causing trouble on your book, Ban em' using their IP address, E-Mail address or both.

Select if you wish to be notified via email when a new entry is added
to your book
There is no need to log on to your page every day to see who made an entry into your guestbook, we will send an e-mail alert to let you know.

Send all guestbook signers an email.
Keep your visitors up to date on the changes and additions to your website.

Delete entries from your guestbook.
Did good ol' uncle Charlie write about that funny thing that happened when you were 5, Delete the entry!

Extra Custom QuestionsNEW!!
You can now add up to 4 extra questions for your visitors to answer. Other sites only store the answers, so if you change the questions, the answers no longer make any sense. We store both the answer and the original questions for each entry so your entries are always correct. We took the time to get this right!!

Receive HTML code if you have lost it.
If you update your WebPages and need the code, it's right at your fingertips

Shows statistics including the number of entries and total number of views for your book.
No need to put a counter on you guestbook, just log on to your admin area to see how many people have viewed your guestbook.