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Entry #: 3984

Entry Date: 2014-07-23 10:07:45

Name: Amy B.
Visitor Comments: I used to have a friend that struggled with Lymph-edema. She couldn't be bothered to do the therapy tho. so sad seeing the success u have had. I am also over weight and have some pitting edema going on and in my searches wandered across this page. Bravo for sharing such an intimate part of your life.

Entry #: 3983

Entry Date: 2014-07-22 03:05:57

Name: Chastity
Visitor Comments: OMG. I have totally just got the confirmation that I needed. Thank you and God Bless You. P.S You look good.

Entry #: 3982

Entry Date: 2014-07-16 14:27:48

Name: Kelsie long
Visitor Comments: I have the same story has yours and wished I had the gastric bypass I also had the bad cellulitis and it really hurts I stay in hospital for 3 weeks and rehab for 6 weeks this is no joke.

Entry #: 3981

Entry Date: 2014-07-09 12:44:01

Name: Pris
Visitor Comments: Well done for making it this far, it seems like it was an amazing and brave journey. I hope you're still doing well and improving day by day!

Entry #: 3980

Entry Date: 2014-06-30 23:02:08

Name: Valerie
Visitor Comments: I read your whole story Amy. You are an amazing person. I am so glad that you have made such a recovery of your health. I have a friend who has this condition and know that she suffers from it. You are an inspiration to others with your strong will to overcome. I wish you the best in your journey to help others with this condition.


Entry #: 3979

Entry Date: 2014-06-29 17:47:14

Name: Janice
Visitor Comments: My sister had this. What you're of doctor should she look for, for help?

Entry #: 3978

Entry Date: 2014-06-19 07:06:44

Name: Molly
Visitor Comments: Amy, what a Wonderful story! You are truly an inspiration to SO many!! I watched your MTV video for a class I'm taking (Health Psychology) and I simply had to find out what became of you. You look Absolutely Fantastic!! And your husband seems like such a blessing to you, how very supportive! Just wanted to say congratulations and may God continue to richly bless you! Thank you for sharing your amazing story!! : )

Entry #: 3977

Entry Date: 2014-06-18 23:47:57

Name: mary jane
Visitor Comments: thank you!

Entry #: 3975

Entry Date: 2014-06-08 23:19:38

Name: Adrienne St. Claire
Visitor Comments:

Entry #: 3974

Entry Date: 2014-05-27 09:39:49

Name: CJ
Visitor Comments: Amy,
WOW... what a story and magnificent journey. you are so strong. I wish I had half the courage you possess. you are a true inspiration.

Thank you for sharing.

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