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Entry #: 595

Entry Date: 2014-12-03 01:53:01

Name: Carol Baird
Site Rating: 10
Visitor Comments: I love your website, it's so informative. Thanks for sharing it.

Entry #: 594

Entry Date: 2014-11-25 06:52:01

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Entry #: 593

Entry Date: 2014-11-04 07:59:36

Name: kathy seals
Site Rating: 10
Visitor Comments: Great site. Getting ready to teach a class. Will be using your handouts.

Entry #: 592

Entry Date: 2014-10-20 14:12:23

Name: Barbara May
Site Rating: 8
Visitor Comments: Lots of good information. Thank you

Entry #: 591

Entry Date: 2014-09-29 14:21:20

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Entry #: 590

Entry Date: 2014-09-13 19:10:55

Name: Karen Patrick
Site Rating: 10
Visitor Comments: I just found it and I love it already

Entry #: 589

Entry Date: 2014-08-21 19:10:43

Name: Sheila Cosco
Site Rating: 10
Visitor Comments: Love the information that everyone provided, can't wait to start making soap. Thank You.

Entry #: 588

Entry Date: 2014-07-15 11:55:52

Name: Diana Wentworth
Site Rating: 10
Visitor Comments: I really like your website and receipes, as I am a beginner soaper.

Entry #: 587

Entry Date: 2014-07-01 15:08:42

Name: Diana Wentworth
Site Rating: 10
Visitor Comments:   Hi I really appreciate your web site. I am a brand new soaper and love it. Working on a web site to sell as much as possible. Thanks again. Diana W

Entry #: 586

Entry Date: 2014-06-25 22:21:10

Name: Joey Loving
Site Rating: 10
Visitor Comments: Thank you, My youngest daughter and I made our first batch of soap the other day. It came out OK. I am wanting to make shaving soap but I didn't have any KOH or stearic acid. While it was a smooth shave and protected my face, better than some that I have used, it didn't keep any lather. We are going to make a KOH and Steric batch and rebatch the first soap together and see what we get. If it works I'll have enough shaving soap to last a couple of years. If not, I'll be referring to the "What type of soaper are you?" page to figure out what to do with the soap

Entry #: 585

Entry Date: 2014-06-17 22:02:36

Name: Jam Srinamfah
Web Site: my blog about citizen reporter
Site Rating: 10
Visitor Comments: Hello, My name is Jam, I am Thai, I live in Phi phi Island. I read many about homemade soap and I search from, I find you. I'm really to great. Nice to meet you and I hope someday I can do lovely soap like you. Jam

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