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Entry #: 52

Entry Date: 2009-04-19 23:47:11

Name: Elizabeth Owens
Visitor Comments: I feel he was a very talented man that was years beyond his time, I still miss him,we all lost a great talent on Dec.8,1980.

Entry #: 51

Entry Date: 2006-12-09 18:29:36

Name: Laylana
Visitor Comments: Hello to all my Beatlefriends and the "Lennon Irregulars" in particular! I hope you are all
well, and I don't know if you played this year,
but I wish I'd been there to sing with you.
John's memory will never fade, as his music
will be in our ears (and even maybe our Penny
Lane eyes) forever.
Love and Peace,

Entry #: 50

Entry Date: 2006-12-08 13:19:06

Name: Bob Gillon
Visitor Comments:
John Lennon was the best rock and roll star to ever walk the earth. I still remember with sadness
the day that John was taken from us. The 40 years
that we his fans could spend with him were wonderful. May John's sprit be happy. Thank you
John and Yoko for everything.

Bob Gillon
December 8 2007

Entry #: 49

Entry Date: 2006-12-07 19:40:36

Name: Danny Donuts
Visitor Comments: Guys!
It's been too long! I'm in town from Chicago and I hope to get down there tomorrow evening. Hope to see all my New York Fest Friends!

Danny Donuts

Entry #: 48

Entry Date: 2006-12-06 19:47:57

Name: Bill Covington
Visitor Comments: Hello from Bill. you might like to visit my website
it has my time signed to Brian Epstein.

Entry #: 47

Entry Date: 2006-10-09 17:18:40

Name: B.
Visitor Comments: happy birthday, john
thank you, yoko
you, too, strawberry fields nyc

october two-thousand-six

Entry #: 46

Entry Date: 2006-10-08 20:15:14

Name: Kara
Visitor Comments: I am very excited to see that there is a celebration tomorrow (10/9)in Strawberry Fields. I went for the first time, this past December and fell in love with the people there. It was one of the most moving experiences of my life, and I will be there tomorrow, and again on Dec. 8th. I hope to see some of the people that were there this past December, and we can sing all over again!!!

Entry #: 45

Entry Date: 2006-08-27 03:27:03

Name: Mike & Anita
Visitor Comments: Happy to see that there are so many people still celebrating John and the boys music.Would like to meet you all but its a little bit to far from me, but: If youre visiting Sweden your welcometo us if your a real Beatlefan.You can also sign our guestbook and see picture from Liverpool last year.

Mike & Anita

Entry #: 44

Entry Date: 2006-06-30 13:30:30

Name: gerardo
Visitor Comments: is cool............ok

Entry #: 43

Entry Date: 2006-02-10 14:17:25

Name: Sassy
Visitor Comments: Missed you all for John's Birthday and Memorial, but-weather permitting-I will be there for George's birthday.

Hugs to Naomi, Eric and all my friends!


Entry #: 42

Entry Date: 2005-12-11 07:56:24

Name: Ria
Visitor Comments: Thank you to everyone who remembered John on December 8 and to all those people who visited the memorial in Central Park. I couldn't be there in person but my heart was with you all.
Best wishes to all.

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